Welcome to my site!

I am starting this blog so I can share daily inspiration, writing quotes, author humor, writing tips, guilty pleasures, monthly obsession, about other authors, author interviews and of course progress on my upcoming novels.

Book 1 ~ The Darkest Side of the Moon due out April 30th published by AustinMacauley

The pre order link ~ https://t.co/0STXflSjwI

Book 2 ~currently writing the sequel its coming out shortly after

currently writing a crime thriller, crime action thriller and 2 psychological horrors

psychological horror Book 1- The Crack of Evil, will be published by TitanInKorp

https://www.facebook.com/TaylerMacneill-Author-328816050931841/ Is the link to my author page on fb

@gadulidawaya is my twitter page

I hope you join me on this exciting journey.