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Book 1 ~ The Darkest Side of the Moon now available on amazon

The Darkest Side of the Moon

A cozy clean read for all ages, sci-fi mystery suspense.


Charlie is just an ordinary girl, or is she? She lives in the city with her best friends, where mysterious murders keep happening and people keep disappearing without a trace. Planes are falling from the sky and trains are derailing. The people are oblivious to what is happening, even the police are left clueless. The city believes it’s a serial killer, but others believe it’s terrorism. No one actually knows just how widespread it is, though it’s everyone’s worst nightmare.

How would you feel if life as you knew it faded away or turned out it was just a lie? The world has their eyes open, yet no one sees the truth. Not Charlie, her eyes are wide open, and she sees it all!

#free chapter of The Darkest Side of the Moon

Posted by Tayler Macneill on Sunday, August 12, 2018

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Book 2 ~currently writing the sequel its coming out shortly after

currently writing a psychological crime thriller, a supernatural fantasy romance thriller and the sequel to The Darkest Side of the Moon

The Crack of Evil ∴

A psychological horror supernatural suspense / action thriller (non gore)

Brandy moved to New York three months ago, and is living in an apartment with Cindy, Derek and Ben. They are young and life is exciting. Things should be easy. Their apartment is old and haunted, leaving it a little on the creepy side. The landlord says it has history and history creates character, but how much character does one apartment need? The foursome decide to throw a party, something small and quaint. On the day of the party, they pull out an Ouija board, to see who has been causing trouble. Satisfied, they move forward with their plans.

A storm brews outside the windows, but this storm is different. Its Friday night, the music is up and the guests have arrived. There are extra guests, but who invited them? Derek and the girls discover the spirits have invited themselves, but Ben, the sceptic, doesnt believe themuntil nobody gets to leave.

A deranged murderer and his killer mistress like to play with their prey, before the kill. A night of psychological games and murderous intentions lead these friends down a dark path.

#free chapter of The Crack of Evil

Posted by Tayler Macneill on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


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